Are kids allowed in the tasting room?

They are! We even have a selection of soda for them!

Is outside food allowed in the tasting room?

You’re more than welcome to bring your own food, although, we do have Cobs bread and sausages available for sale!

Do you fill growlers from anywhere?

We do, as long as it holds 1 or 2 liters of beer!

How long does a growler last?

A growler will last a while if it is properly sealed, but it is recommended that you open it within a week of purchasing it and drink the beer within a day!

How should I clean my growler?

If a growler isn’t cleaned properly and left long enough, the remaining beer can turn into vinegar and spoil the next beer you fill your growler with. Once you finish the beer, immediately rinse your growler and soak it with hot water for 15 minutes. No soap is needed and then you can leave it to air dry. It is recommended that you leave an empty growler unsealed to reduce the risk of bacteria formation.

Do you sell in bottles or to liquor stores?

Yes we do, and you can find a store closest to you in the “Our Beer” section!

Do you sell kegs for private parties or weddings?

Because of our current inventory, we do not sell kegs for private use.

Do you offer anything other than beer, or gluten free options in your tasting room?

We are now offering bottles of Left Field Cider!

Do you give brewery tours?

Unfortunately we do not do brewery tours, but the majority of our brewery is visible from the tasting room!

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately the health board does not allow us to have dogs in a production space.

Do you take reservations?

We don’t do reservations, but it usually doesn’t take too long for a table to open up in the tasting room. We do recommend that you try and make it out earlier on the weekends though, as there can sometimes be a little bit of a wait.

Do you sell gift certificates?

We do, you can pick them up in our tasting room any time!

Why are some beers available for growler fills and others not?

If a beer isn’t available for growler fills, it means that we only have a small amount of kegs left and we want to make sure it stays available for people to enjoy in our tasting room. Although, quite often we will have packaged product of those beers for you to take home!