NEXT LEVEL GAMING TOURNAMENT: We are excited to announce our final 4 games for our 12 week tournament! This final round up will decide who takes home our grand prize of an Xbox One!  Join us this Tuesday for 1$ off feature pints and a chance at our weekly prize! Freeplay from 6-7, the tournament starts at 7:30 sharp! Hope to see you there!  CAN RELEASE (1/1): Orange Slices - Citra Double IPA This 100% Citra Hopped DIPA is roughly based on our Dat Juice recipe. We simplified the malt bill on this beer to let the hops shine more. We dry hopped with more Citra pellets and powder than we’ve ever used before taking the aroma and flavour of this beer to a whole new level of juice. • • • Available tomorrow at noon. 22 cases available, 1 case max per person. Available for fills, max 2 per person.  CAN RELEASE (2/2): Finger Guns - 100% Simcoe IPA Finger Guns is the next adaptation of our award winner Day Blink pale ale. We hit this beer with a huge dry hop of Simcoe which is instantly noticeable on the aroma. Lots of dankness and peach aromas until front with a soft juiciness in the finish. This beer is definitely one of our favourites in the single hop series and we're excited to add it to the list! • • • Available tomorrow at noon.
21 cases available, 1 case max per person.
Available for fills, max 2 per person.
This beer will also be hitting stores late next week.  Our friends at Steel & Oak Brewing and El Santo have teamed up with us to put together a great night out! Join us April 5th at El Santo Restaurant to drink some great beer, enjoy some great food and support a great cause. Please visit Eventbrite or the restaurant for tickets. . . #autismawareness #craftbeer #mexicanfood  NEXT LEVEL GAMING: This week, we will be featuring Super Mario Strikers! ⚽ Join us for $1 off pints of Dat Juice and a chance at our weekly prize! Swipe left to check out our updated leaderboard.   CAN RELEASE (1/2): Bachelor Pad - Double IPA Our first of two releases this weekend is a new batch of Bachelor Pad. We used our favourite hop combo on this one, Citra, Mosaic, & Simcoe in a mixture of both pellets and lupulin powder. Two massive dry hops give this beer a huge hop forward aroma and flavour with big notes of citrus, pineapple, mango and a little bit of dank. We dried this batch out a little bit to increase its crushability™ factor and it's bordering on dangerous. • • • Available tomorrow at noon.
27 cases available, 1 case max per person.
Available for fills, max 2 per person.  We've got a fresh new batch of hats available in the tasting room! Swipe left to check out each of our new styles.
 We had the pleasure of hosting our friends from Brewers Row this week for the 3rd annual Brewers Row collaboration! This year we partnered up with the folks at @goodnightout_vancouver to brew what we hope will be an amazing IPA for you guys! • • • We're going to be throwing an awesome launch party on April 7th that we hope you can attend. We'll have the @shethepacific Oyster competition going on, along with some amazing oysters and po boys from our friends at @bigshucker & @merchantsvan as well as live music from some amazing local talents. Oh, and we'll have beer, lots and lots of beer!  • • • For more details on the event, check out the link in our bio!  This weekend we're looking forward to introducing you guys to Dat Juice's oldest brother, Orange Slices! • • • We'll be posting more details and release info tomorrow. • • • On a side note, we'd like to congratulate our newest addition to the TS brew team, "Diesel Dan", on his first hand shot! We've got high hopes for this guy and if this photo says anything, I think we're going to be in for a treat!  CAN RELEASE (1/2): Vapor Wave - Tart IPA with Sea Salt This IPA was brewed with acidified malt and sea salt, the balance of the two provides a complex and refreshing flavour profile. We hit it with a heavy dry hop addition of Citra, Motueka and Mandarina Bavaria. This one is by far one of our favourites in this series because of its insanely juicy yet very refreshing profile. • • • Available tomorrow at noon.
18 cases available, 1 case max per person.
Available for fills, max 2 per person.
This beer will also be hitting stores late next week.  NEXT LEVEL GAMING TOURNAMENT: This Tuesday, we'll be playing Super Smash Bros on the Wii U! Freeplay from 6-7pm, tournament starts at 730. Hope to see you there!   We want to thank everyone that came out for our release this weekend! We just wanted to give you an update that we are sold out of Two Straws - Guava in the tasting room. We've sent 60 cases to stores though so you'll be seeing those on shelves later this week. We do however still have a few cases of Bachelor Pad remaining so if you're heading down to the brewery today, grab a 4pack while they're still around. 🤘  Happy Snow Day everybody!! ❄️ We just wanted to let you all know that we'll be open regular hours today and will still be releasing Two Straws and Bachelor Pad tomorrow at noon. Oh, and our patio is open until 11pm as well, in case you're wondering.  CAN RELEASE (2/2): Slam Dank - IPA We're stoked to be releasing one of our favourite beers in our limited release series tomorrow. We tried a new yeast for this batch and really happy with how it came out! The hop profile is still hugely dank but the yeast provides a really nice fruity undertone that balances really well. We hit this batch with a huge second dry hopping of Apollo hops as well which is never a bad thing. • • • Available tomorrow at noon.
32 cases available, 1 case max per person.
Available for fills, max 2 per person.
This beer will also be hitting stores late next week.
 This weekend's taplist! ☀️  NEXT LEVEL GAMING TOURNAMENT: This week, we'll be taking a break from our tournament while we chose our final 4 games! Instead, we will have a small selection of PS4 games available to play just for fun. The tournament will resume next Tuesday, stay tuned for details later this week! Swipe left to check out our updated leaderboard!   We've got your IPA needs covered this weekend! We're welcoming back Vapor Wave along with the brand new Finger Guns on Saturday! . Release details and quantities coming Friday.  It's Barrel Tuesday's!! Topping off some of our barrels post fermentation. We'll be tucking these away for a few months to develop further but we're already excited with what's going on.  CAN RELEASE (2/2): Two Straws - Guava Milkshake IPA Today we're putting out the next variation of our Two Straws Milkshake IPA, GUAVA! This version is packed full of over 700lbs of pink guava purée then double dry hopped with loads of Simcoe and Citra hops, need I say more? • • • Available today at noon.
32 cases available, 1 case max per person.
Available for fills, max 1 per person.  Because two beers are better than one... Two Straws - Guava edition and Bachelor Pad - DIPA drop this weekend!